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RMT Format! Empty RMT Format!

Post by AbsolDeath on Mon Feb 16, 2009 6:16 pm

Hello everybody, I know you may be eager to get your teams rated but there are some formatting rules you must follow. Not doing so will result in your team being deleted.

Now, on with the format.

1. Complete your team! We all know that the standard team consists of 6 Pokemon. Don't post a team with only 3 expecting us to complete it for you. If you're not sure what to use on your team, list a bunch of options that you are considering, and then we'll help out. Remember to include the Pokemon, nature, Ev's, ability, moves, held item and a sprite is suggested but no mandatory.

I don't want to see your response being something such as "Okay, there's nothing to say here because Infernape is just that awesome." This does not give us any information except for the fact that you have chosen Infernape.

2. Have an analysis sort of write up on each Pokemon. The team raters need to know why you're using each Pokemon and what it does for the team. For this reason, I suggest having some words underneath your Pokemon suggestion with the material containing things such as the reason you chose this Pokemon, how it works with the rest of the team, certain counters etc.

Do not tell us what the moves do on your pokemon. I brief summary is okay, but as long as it is paired with information as to why you picked this pokemon, how it works with your team, and if you think it could be improved. - Gen Empoleon

3. Please don't post your team every few days, it get's somewhat annoying. On this note, try to limit the amount of RMT's you are posting because we don't want a swarm of RMT's giving our raters a tough time.

4. Your title should be relative to what tier and what format of game you are playing. You may have something like "OMG, best team you've ever seen. [Uber 1 vs 1]." Just be sure to include this somewhere in the title.

5. Format. Here I will post what your RMT should look like, or at least similar. I don't expect you to copy this exactly, but I do expect the rates to be clean and readable.



[1st Pokemon Sprite]

Pokemon @ Item
~ Move
~ Move
~ Move
~ Move

[Write up]

[After the other 5 Pokemon]


[Threats] - Not necessary

Now you just repeat from steps [1st Pokemon Sprite] to [Write up]. Of course you aren't going to input the same information as your 1st Pokemon. But you follow the same format, but input the information for your 2nd Pokemon, 3rd Pokemon, etc.

6. Advice. As we know, the Team raters are doing their jobs by suggesting ideas. I don't want the raters to give rude or sarcastic remakes as I don't want the team owner to be doing this either. There is no need for conflict. If you can't take a little bit of criticism, don't even post at all.

7. Threat list. As shown in the format in #5, this isn't too mandatory but it would help us if you did make a threat list, even if it is just for Pokemon that give you a really hard time.

8. Be creative! This is just a rule because we don't want RMT's that have no effort put into them. Try making your RMT appealing and descriptive. Doing so will get you rates.

9. Custom rules. If you aren't using standard rules, please indicate so.

10. As I mentioned about sprites, if you having a difficult time finding them, here they are. http://www.legendarypokemon.net/images/dp_artwork/131.png

Now, for this link, depending on the Pokemon you want, you will have to tamper with the number in the link. http://www.legendarypokemon.net/images/dp_artwork/131.png - See that 131? That's the Pokedex number. 131 is Lapras. Now suppose we want a Charizard. Look up Charizard on the Pokedex, it's #6. So input 6 in the link http://www.legendarypokemon.net/images/dp_artwork/6.png

Aha, we have a Charizard.

RMT Format! 6

Well, following these rules will give you a successful RMT. So follow and create!

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